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Ferrett advice

Neutering Hobs

When it comes to neutering ferrets, the latest guidance is to chemically neuter instead of the surgical approach.


Recent studies have revealed that once surgical neutering has been achieved, there is a high percentage of associated Adrenal Gland Disease diagnosed later on in life, especially when ferrets are neutered pre-puberty.

What to do?

We recommend chemically neutering, this is achieved by inserting a small implant just underneath the skin. It can be done in a routine consultation and the optimum time to have the implant would be in October or November when the hobs have no reproductive activity.

The implant can last between 2 & 4 years approx., depending on the strength of the implant and the individual.

Infertility is usually achieved between 5 & 14 weeks after the implant is inserted, so hobs must be kept away from any Jill’s for at least that period.

Neutering Jills

The implants are not yet licenced for use in Jill’s, so we recommend and injection

The injection is usually given once a year, but it may vary in each individual and a repeat injection may be needed, should the jill come into season earlier than expected.

Factors that may induce an early season are long spells of fine weather in the autumn, or where weather patterns are very changeable.

We would recommend close observation if the above should be happening, and check for any swelling of the vulva.

We would only ever spay if there is medical reason, for instance Uterine disease.